The best professional email service for your company.

Professional email IDs carry the name and department followed by the company name after the @ sign

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Email for your company

You get customised email IDs like with space up to 5GB

It works seamlessly across devices like PC,tablets and almost all mobile phones.

Set appointments and get reminded on your phone while travelling.

It is compatible with Email Clients and phones like Black-berry, iPhone, Android phones etc.

Get advance virus detection,spam control and vulnerability detection.

Its powerful admin features let the admin add/delete email IDs, control incoming and outgoing emails.

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RediffmailPro known to be

Rediffmail Pro is one of the best peered data network in India with major ISPs and service providers.
Your data can be transmitted securely and stored at a secure location.
Rediffmail Pro has built in redundancy and no single point of failure architecture.
Expert technical support executives are available at your service whenever you want them.